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Time Machine Merry Unbirthday (after Sharon Olds’ I go back to May 1937)

Sculpt me a time machine my love

To take me back to that stifling loungeroom
Twinsets and pearls a-plenty to go round
Where the unhappy jewess, buttoned up tight
Buttered up by stifling loungeroom smiles
Prepares for her future life.

Give me your time machine! Please! My love!
Give me the means to tear the twinset, tear the twin away,
scatter the pearls and scream “RUN, JEWESS, RUN”

Your time machine is nice my love,
mixed media, found objects, epoxy resin
the art of escape.

I do not celebrate my birthday anymore,
I just seethe and write hatemail poetry.

© Kate Buttery 2012