Sculpture – ‘Torpor’


This piece was created during the first and second Coronavirus Lockdowns in Melbourne in 2020. Born out of uncertainty, it is a piece capturing some the reactions I have witnessed around me, and indeed experienced within myself, towards lockdown and the massive changes we have all grappled with during the coronavirus pandemic.

Formed in a rich, rustic BRT clay tinged with a green jade glaze, the piece embodies the natural, but sickness-tinged, world on its exterior. The cramped and uncomfortable pile of squashed shapes each have a garish blue interior, embodying our inside world of television binges, social media, and endless pandemic numbers reports all flowing to us via the blue lights of screens.

As the indefinite time frame to the other side of the pandemic wears us down day by day, the sickly and squashed shapes spew forth pained expressions from their mouth-like cavities, all manifesting a torpor that only profound uncertainty can bring.

Size 20cm x 25cm x 21cm