Patreon Page Launched


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Like most artists, I struggle with having to keep a day job to make ends meet, and in that struggle, frequently end up too tired and overcommitted to create any art.

In my worse moments, I lose my way in the forest of bureaucratic arts funding demands, stresses of how to pay for life, mental health issues, Centrelink, and the real sense of disillusionment that my art is not really making the world better. In my best moments, I manage to enjoy a day or two each month down in my studio, pottering and creating, but not really being able to spend the time immersed in the creative process to take my art to the next level.

I meet many artists who experience life exactly like this. Yet we are driven, somehow, to keep creating.

Thanks to a fellow creative spirit, Killy Dwyer who followed me on Twitter out of the blue, I discovered Patreon, and feel a renewed hope for the future of artwork and artistic life, for myself and artists everywhere!

Philanthropy may just be the way to help the world value its artists and keep creativity and imagination alive and well.

Are you also disillusioned with the state of the Arts, and the direction that arts funding is headed in in? Are you in a position to consider becoming my Patreon, thereby funding the arts in a more direct way? 

Every day my day job is my art is a day that the Arts get stronger…