OffCastOff Project

Kate’s new performance installation, a collaboration with Sarah Breen, is off and running!

Please join us, Oct 17-21 at Effemera Gallery, 66 Napier St Footscray at 7.15pm.

Offcast DetailOffcast Detail 3Offcast Detail 2


The Offcast/Castoff Project is a multimedia performance installation developed by Kate in collaboration with Footscray-based artist, Sarah Breen. We use the ubiquitous graveyard of discarded TVs on the naturestrip as a provocation for a wider look at rubbish and what we might wish to discard. It has an obvious environmental theme, but it’s central point is really using the TVs and rubbish as a metaphor for people who can sometimes be regarded in a similar way to the TVs.Offcast/Castoff asks the question “Do we care about where things or people go, or just that they go?”.

Behind everything we discard is a story.  Offcast tells stories from the heart of Footscray.


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