Euripides' Medea

Euripides’ Medea

Waiting backstage during

the 2016 season of

Euripides’ Medea for Eagle’s ...

Lighting Design - Motets in the Gaol

Lighting Design – Motets in the Gaol

Kate’s lighting design

(also operated by Kate)

for Polyphonic Voices’ Motets in ...

OffCastOff Project

OffCastOff Project

Kate’s new performance

installation, a collaboration with

Sarah Breen, is off ...



The video quality

is a little, er,

 hand-spun. Kate performing her ...



Spin – a

short film by John

Davey Scene 6 ...

Nay Say

Nay Say

Did you ever

lie in bed at

night and couldn’t sleep? ...

Cosi - by Louis Nowra

Cosi – by Louis Nowra

Ruth is one

of my favourite characters

to play. This was ...



Stills from unreleased

feature film Wiccan. Written and

directed by Chris Aarons. ...