Book Spine Poetry – from Nina Katchadourian

Thanks to the Poetry Foundation Twitter feed, I discovered a very interesting re-contextualising approach to poetry writing, courtesy of the artist Nina Katchadourian.  Here are some of my poems written using her technique.


True and False Heroines

Kate Buttery Book Spine Poetry True and False Heroines
True and false heroines
Laurie A speaking American

Study of Man

Kate Buttery Book Spine Poetry - Study of Man
Study of Man.

The social contract.
The liar
The outsider
The anti-aesthetic.

The birth of tragedy
Sovereign individuals of Capitalism.

Heart of darkness.


The Wreck of Western Culture

Kate Buttery Book Spine Poetry - The Wreck of Western Culture
The wreck of Western Culture.

The Protestant ethic and the spirit of Capitalism
a kind of violence causing death and saving lives.

Being and nothingness making history
Plays an equal music
Plays naked logic.

Utilitarianism, on liberty and considerations on Representative government
beyond good and evil.
What fresh hell is this?

Vie de Bohème.