On the Run

Swimming up slowly Inner eyelids tangy kiss of orange Fizzes gently in the black What colour the eyes? Mix together blue, black and orange. What colour does that make? Suddenly, bright blue is all the... Read More


The video quality is a little, er,  hand-spun. Kate performing her work-in-progress Poem/Spoken word Battleground. It’s one of those works that keeps slipping between versions without landing ... Read More


Spin – a short film by John Davey https://youtube.com/watch?v=aWKJPwC_eTM%3Fstart%3D647%26end%3D711 Scene 6 Jane (played by Kate) on Foreshore. The soundtrack for this scene is also played by Ka... Read More

Pear Shaped

When it all goes pear-shaped What shape is the pear? Is it square? The shape of the pear? When it all goes pear-shaped Tear out your hair The weather’s not fair In the shape of the pear. When it... Read More